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Illustration by Valeria Ko.

Have you hit a plateau and are you feeling frustrated by the lack of progress in your yoga practice?

Has your yoga practice been, in general, lacklustre?

Have you ever ‘cheated’ on your yoga mat by seeking inspiration elsewhere? LOL, did you feel guilty??

…well just in case you thought you were alone in having these thoughts 😉, I wrote an article for Shut Up & Yoga about keeping the spark in your yoga practice and teaching.

I’d love to hear what you think about this latest piece…can you relate?

Namaste (& happy practicing!),



When the Yoga Honeymoon is Over: Keeping the Spark in Practice & Teaching


“…I confess, I was NOT anticipating my relationship with yoga to take this turn and when it happened, the possibility of being ‘bored’ of yoga, totally freaked me out. How could I lose interest in something that played such a major role in defining me???


I’ve since come to believe that any serious, committed student of yoga will actually be well served by embracing this pivotal experience. It helped me to realize that my relationship to yoga is not dissimilar to any of my other relationships – it takes work and needs investment. The ‘honeymoon’ period where everything is new and exciting, doesn’t last forever and as long as I have tools for reviving the relationship and rekindling the spark, I can look forward to (and enjoy), the many perks of a healthy, meaningful, and long-term relationship – me and my mat.


So, how did I emerge from my relationship woes?…”