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Do you struggle with your yoga practice? Do you wonder, ‘am I pushing myself too hard?’ or conversely, ’should I be trying harder?’

My latest article for Shut Up & Yoga takes a look at the value of exploring (and the challenge of navigating) these difficult questions (please see below for an excerpt).

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Namaste (& happy practicing!),


Illustration by Valeria Ko.


Effortless Effort: The Path to Perfection in Asana

When I tell people that I’m a yoga teacher, I get a wide range of responses. Some people find it curious, others are inspired. Some think it’s a hobby and ask me what I ‘really’ do and others appreciate the depth of commitment required. One time, someone responded by saying, ‘you are a yoga teacher? Wow, that must be so relaxing!’. Needless to say, I found that comment a bit comical.


People often do yoga to unwind and decrease stress, so to assume that yoga itself must be relaxing is not a stretch, right? But…is yoga ‘relaxing’? And if your yoga practice is not relaxing (umm, does anyone else find it challenging?), are you doing it wrong?


Early in my yoga days, one of my teachers used the phrase ‘effortless effort’. I immediately understood this to mean…