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Your 5 day online course has already brought so many new elements in to play I am fascinated to see how this might shift my ability to practice daily.  I have never had this explained so clearly by a teacher. Thank you!!
Alana D.

I’ve enjoyed reading your lessons very much. I am a long-time practitioner and teacher, so I’ve read your lessons from that perspective rather than from the perspective of a beginner. This last lesson is (for me) the most meaningful and resonates completely with my experiences on days when a practice seems less inviting than usual. I hope you’ll continue to write.
Peggy B.

Thank you so much for doing the home practice series! It really helped me get out of my overwhelm about what I should do. I especially liked your Lesson #2, and I’ve printed it out and put it with my yoga diary (which I’ve started using again after a break of a few years). Thank you again.
Janice I.